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Driving Financial Wellness at Work - Webinar Recording


Personal financial challenges have a meaningful impact on overall employee performance and can lead to employee absenteeism, lost productivity, and health issues. Despite their popularity, many plan sponsors are still struggling with obstacles around offering a wellness program.

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Can Good Governance Impact Fundraising?


Nonprofit institutions thrive on people donating their money without expecting a tangible product or service in return. What donors do expect is good board management. And yet, our recent Endowment and Foundation Survey reveals that many endowments and foundations—in one way or another—have significant room for improvement in governance practices.

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The 401(k) at 40


CAPTRUST Managing Director and Defined Contribution Practice Leader Scott Matheson outlines our predictions for plan sponsors, participants, and the retirement industry in general in the new year. These predictions contain the accumulated insights of our business line leaders, financial advisors, and client-facing service associates as they look forward to 2019.

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Engaging Millennials at Work


Millennials catch a lot of flak when it comes to their work habits and financial situations. Their reputation precedes them in some employers’ estimations. But understanding the forces that have shaped their professional and financial decisions—and what can be done to respond to them—can help employers create greater loyalty and engagement.

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Fiduciary Update | February 2019


In this quarter’s Fiduciary Update, CAPTRUST’s Drew McCorkle provides an update on topics such as fiduciary process controls and liability, affirming the Chevron fiduciaries’ victory in a fees and investment performance lawsuit, and a few other recent developments.

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Fiduciary Update | November 2018


In this quarter’s Fiduciary Update, CAPTRUST’s Drew McCorkle provides an update on retirement plans and student loan debt, legacy employer stock in light of the Dudenhoeffer standard, ERISA and bankruptcy, and recent developments in university retirement plan litigation.

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Fiduciary Update | August 2018


In this quarter’s Fiduciary Update, CAPTRUST’s Drew McCorkle provides an update on topics such as retirement summary plan descriptions, fiduciary liability in what is unsaid, liability for prior or subsequent fiduciaries’ actions, and recent fee litigation cases and settlements.

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Fiduciary Update | May 2018


In this quarter’s Fiduciary Update, CAPTRUST’s Drew McCorkle provides an update on topics such as the DOL striking down the conflict of interest rule, fiduciary process controls, and employer life insurance litigation.

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January 2019 CAPTRUST Market Update


CAPTRUST Chief Investment Officer Kevin Barry talks about the recent market volatility from late 2018 and if signs are pointing toward a recession. Barry reminds investors to have a long-term view and keep in mind that the stock market is not the economy and the economy is not the stock market. While the news headlines sound negative, there is good news underneath.

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The Nonprofit Market Has Spoken (Webinar Recording)


Do you want to learn more about the experiences of other nonprofits as they relate to spending, governance, asset allocation, and fundraising? If so, please watch CAPTRUST’s subject matter experts for a review of our inaugural market survey’s results.

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Out of Alignment?


This piece covers a slice of results received through a survey of over 150 nonprofit endowment and foundation organizations. The survey results speak to a variety of topics, including: return objectives, goals, risk tolerance, asset allocation, performance, spending policy, governance, and fundraising.

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October 2018 CAPTRUST Market Update


In this quarter's video market update, CAPTRUST Chief Investment Officer Kevin Barry discusses recent news surrounding U.S. unemployment, taxes, mid-term elections, interest rates, companies buying stock back, and other forces impacting the economy this past quarter.

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