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| Raleigh, NC

2017 Main CCF Fundraiser Announced

CCF Partners with Local Cary, NC Business to Start a 5K

The CAPCommunity Foundation, a CAPTRUST employee-run 501(c)(3) foundation, is pleased to announce the launch of its main fundraiser today, the Bond Brothers 5k. Bond Brothers, a local brewery, partnered with employees from CAPTRUST in 2016 to raise money for Children's Flight of Hope at Hops for Hope. This year, Bond Brothers is partnering with CAPTRUST employees and the CAPCommunity Foundation to found the Bond Brothers 5k. The combined group expects 500 runners, 10 teams, and 1,500 members of the general Triangle-area public to attend. All proceeds from the event, outside of beer sales, will go to the CAPCommunity Foundation to help fund many important grants that the foundation issues throughout the year. 

To register to run, start a team, sponsor, or volunteer, please visit For more information about the CAPCommunity Foundation, please visit

The CAPCommunity Foundation was organized in 2007 to provide CAPTRUST employees with opportunities to participate as a group in community outreach efforts. The foundation is a registered 501(c)(3) charity, and is eligible to receive tax-deductible contributions. If you would like to volunteer, donate, or learn more about the CAPCommunity Foundation, please call 855.649.0943 or visit



Upcoming Webinar! The Nonprofit Market Has Spoken

Do you want to learn more about the experiences of other nonprofits as they relate to spending, governance, asset allocation, and fundraising? If so, please join CAPTRUST’s subject matter experts for a review of our inaugural market survey’s results.

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VESTED, Fall 2018

We are pleased to announce that the Fall 2018 issue of VESTED, CAPTRUST’s magazine for clients and friends, is now available. Subscribing clients will receive their copies in the mail this week. If you are interested in receiving VESTED Magazine, please let us know via email.

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