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| Raleigh, NC

Target Date Funds - Ten Years Later

In the decade since passage of the Pension Protection Act (PPA), target date funds (TDFs) have become an increasingly important part of many retirement plans, and their growing share of plan assets is drawing the attention of regulators. Meanwhile, asset managers are working to differentiate their products and cope with changing markets, making it a challenge for plan sponsors to monitor this important plan component.

Questions we hear most from plan sponsors about TDFs include:

• How have TDFs evolved since the passage of PPA? 
• What are the current trends among providers? 
• What are best practices for selection and monitoring?
• Is our TDF series right for our plan participants?
• What does the future hold for TDFs?

In this webinar, CAPTRUST Defined Contribution Practice Leader Scott Matheson moderates a 45-minute discussion on the current state of target date funds with CAPTRUST senior investment and target date fund experts, Jennifer Dunbar and David Hood.

Click here to listen to the recording.

Another resource that may be helpful in learning more about TDFs is the following:

CAPTRUST checklist for DOL TDF Tips 



Upcoming Webinar! The Nonprofit Market Has Spoken

Do you want to learn more about the experiences of other nonprofits as they relate to spending, governance, asset allocation, and fundraising? If so, please join CAPTRUST’s subject matter experts for a review of our inaugural market survey’s results.

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VESTED, Fall 2018

We are pleased to announce that the Fall 2018 issue of VESTED, CAPTRUST’s magazine for clients and friends, is now available. Subscribing clients will receive their copies in the mail this week. If you are interested in receiving VESTED Magazine, please let us know via email.

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