Business Continuity Plan

CapFinancial Partners, LLC, doing business as CAPTRUST Financial Advisors, (“CAPTRUST”) is a federally registered investment adviser with an affiliated broker that utilizes the clearing and custodial services of Pershing, LLC (“Pershing”). For many CAPTRUST advisory clients, Pershing provides custody, back-office and trade support, for CAPTRUST, so your account(s) and assets are maintained and custodied by Pershing; however, for some CAPTRUST advisory clients, your accounts and assets are maintained and custodied at Fidelity Institutional or Charles Schwab Institutional.

As a member of FINRA (formerly NASD), Rule 3510(e) requires CAPTRUST to summarize the manner in which CAPTRUST’s Business Continuity Plan (“BCP”) addresses the possibility of significant business disruptions (“SBD”). Accordingly, CAPTRUST is furnishing this document to you to provide information about our efforts to ensure that impact to your business is minimized in the event of an emergency or disaster.

Securities Industry regulations require each member firm to create and maintain a business continuity plan reasonably designed to meet its obligations to its clients or other counter-parties. In accordance with these requirements, CAPTRUST has designed a business continuity plan to address possible scenarios in efforts to minimize any service impact to our clients.

In keeping with the regulatory requirements, the business continuity plan for CAPTRUST is designed to address key areas of concern - including but not limited to the following:

  • Data back-up and recovery;
  • Mission critical systems;
  • Financial and operational assessments;
  • Alternate means of communication between CAPTRUST and its clients;
  • Alternate means of communication between CAPTRUST and its employees;
  • Alternate physical locations of employees;
  • Critical business constituent, bank and counter-party impact;
  • Regulatory reporting;
  • Communications with regulators; and
  • How CAPTRUST will ensure that customers have access to their funds and securities in the event CAPTRUST determines it is unable to continue its business.

Since events creating business disruptions may vary in nature and scope, CAPTRUST has anticipated scenarios in which the following are affected:

  • A primary CAPTRUST building at its headquarter location
  • A CAPTRUST branch location
  • A city wide area
  • A regional area

Regardless of the scope of potential disruption, CAPTRUST intends to continue to provide service to its clients.

In the event of a significant business disruption, where the primary building or business district is located, we will move our staff from affected offices to the closest of our unaffected offices. The firm has four other locations from which to conduct business. Therefore, should the primary building or business district be affected by a disruption, the other locations can be used to help restore operations.

In the unlikely event of a citywide or regional disruption, both of CAPTRUST’s other locations (“established recovery sites”) are in other cities. The first established recovery site is approximately 170 miles from its headquarters and the other is approximately 400 miles. Either alternate location can be used to restore time sensitive functions as soon as key employees are relocated to the facility. In the event that any such disruption occurs, we have developed alternative service arrangements, systems, locations and contingency plans to ensure that any service is quickly restored.

CAPTRUST has identified several computer applications with Mission Critical or High criticality ratings and has documented this within the business continuity plan. These Mission Critical computer applications are proprietary to our Clearing Firm (Pershing). Pershing regularly performs disaster recovery testing and reports results to CAPTRUST. Pershing provides an annual BCP disclosure to CAPTRUST clients. Clients may reach Pershing directly at (201)413-3635 for recorded instructions during a significant business disruption.

For those CAPTRUST clients who are utilizing Fidelity as custodian:

Although CAPTRUST recognizes Fidelity as a Critical Business Constituent, Fidelity’s proprietary web-based platform permits access to your account remotely regardless of a business local, city-wide or regional disruption. For a summary of Fidelity’s Business Continuity Plan, please call CAPTRUST at (800) 216-0645 or you may reach Fidelity directly at 800-343-3548. Client may access their accounts by logging into

For clients who are utilizing Charles Schwab as custodian:

Although CAPTRUST recognizes Schwab as a Critical Business Constituent, Schwab’s proprietary web-based platform permits access to your account remotely regardless of a business local, city-wide or regional disruption. For a summary of Schwab’s Business Continuity Plan, please call CAPTRUST at (800) 216-0645 or you may reach Schwab Institutional Investments directly at: 800.289.5114. Clients may access their accounts by logging into

At a minimum, the CAPTRUST business continuity plan is reviewed, updated and tested on an annual basis. Additionally, our primary internal and external application providers periodically conduct testing of their own back-up capabilities to ensure that, in the event of an emergency or significant business disruption, they will be able to provide us with the critical information and applications we need to continue or promptly resume our business. When testing our plan, we review the recovery time and resumption time period for all mission critical systems.

Making sure that any type of disruption does not unduly impact our clients is extremely important to us, and our business continuity plan is designed to allow us to continue to provide the quality service you have come to expect from CAPTRUST.

In the event of an internal or external SBD, if telephone service is available, our registered persons will take customer orders or instructions (919) 870-6822 (local) or (800) 216-0645 (toll-free) and contact our clearing firm on their behalf, and if our web access is available, our firm will post on our website ( that customers may access their funds and securities by contacting Pershing, Fidelity or Schwab directly.


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